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Sunday, 8 January 2012 22:59 by salim

I am still waiting for the pictures of the inside of my office/studio space after the concreting. But, since Shobha is travelling, the pictures are not gotten here yet. I do have a couple of pictures from earlier.

So, the space is 5.1m X 16.6 X 3.5 m in size. One thing I have noticed after living in the US for this long is that I have successfully changed my unit of length. I think there is something about homes and rooms though that it makes it easier to understand in feet than in meters. That is a big room. I wanted a big room and the geography of the land made it possible without too much additional cost. I want to split it into a decent size room that will double as my office and control room, a nice big live space and one or two isolation booths. This is an expensive venture and I might have to break it down to smaller pieces to make it happen. We will see.

Basement room before the celing slab.

In the John Sayers recording design forum, the preferred tool for showing sketches is Google Sketchup. I don’t have a lot of experience with 3D tools. So, the learning curve to get something meaningful done in Sketchup was a bit steep. I still don’t believe I will be able to create models anywhere near the perfection of the ones presented in that forums. But I am practicing.

Sketchup 3D model of the studio room

Now, this is a very early creation. I am still trying to figure out all the things I can do with Sketchup. My current aim is to create model decent enough to accompany a post in the recording forum. May be I will post it along with the first pictures of the interior.

I also need to get some measurements of sound levels in and around the house. I am not sure how loud those temple speakers are, they are quite loud. Right now there might not be a lot of difference between the sound pressure outside and inside the room. The two openings are quite big. They are also in a bit odd positions.

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