My Dinner

Sunday, 31 October 2010 01:34 by salim

We both like cooking and eating good food. We both agree that we can cook better food than most restaurants. And our cuisine is pretty eclectic. However, some days we fall back to the nice Kerala style dinners. Today was such a day. When everything was on the plate, I couldn’t help but take a picture. So, here it is

My Dinner

Clockwise from left:

Green cabbage stirfry, green eggplant stirfry, snow peas stirfry, sardines shallow fried in their own oil, chick peas stir fry, tender mango pickle. In the middle of course is Kerala brown rice with sambar and curd (Yogurt).

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November 1. 2010 13:20

Wow !!! We have this here at home on daily basis .. (though fish is expensive in bangalore..)

It is great to see how malayalis across the world relish brown rice and side dishes, especially fish and meat ..


george easaw

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