Bhoopalee, lasya mohini…

Saturday, 9 October 2010 04:18 by salim

Oh yes, I know it is quite cheesy. But I couldn’t resist the pun.

Anyways, I have a kind of love hate relationship with Bhoopali. When we were young, my sister and I had this music teacher, who spend a lot of time in that good old Mohana Varnam. It still leaves a bit of bitterness when thinking about it. But, later on, I learned to love Bhoopali, mainly by some wonderful performances by Chaurasia and Amjad Ali Khan.

So, here is my second one. So far, so good.

cc by nc sa

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October 19. 2010 06:37

Fantastic.... lazy and calming.


October 19. 2010 07:10

wow... yes, it is a lasya mohini... I could feel it in every note... one of the best!

Shobha Menon

October 19. 2010 07:47

very soothing,supple,blissful composition...

Bhavana Menon

October 20. 2010 13:23

very smooth and precise.


October 22. 2010 00:10


Rajesh Krishna

October 23. 2010 07:06

Wow.. what a treat!! Such a melody.. I felt the same soothing effect as listening to "In ankhon ki masti" or "Sayonara Sayonara"... Brilliant !!!
I would like to dedicate a menu in earmarked as "Salim's Corner" and list such wonderful melodies there - what is the URL that I would point to ?

Anil G.S

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