After over 2 years, my first recording

Friday, 8 October 2010 01:03 by salim

Well, I sorely miss making music. I did for the last 2 years. It has been quite hard to break the ice. So, this is what I am trying to do from now on. I will post whatever I record here. Instead of waiting for something to be “complete” which it usually never does, I will post the first mix down.

So, here is the first one. This could be the beginning movement of a song, but right now it is just 9 minutes of indulgence in Mishr Pilu.


cc by nc sa

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November 4. 2010 06:45

simply great  Salim

Sapna George

November 4. 2010 08:08

beautiful! I love it...

Shobha Menon

November 4. 2010 13:39

Hmm...You bring many righteous points.
I enjoy your reasoningand you haved got one more daily fan.


Samara Curimao

November 5. 2010 23:12

I actually gave up on viewing the news along with reading papers a long time ago.  I discover much more about what is transpiring on the planet on blogs like this and its a great deal more real

Shipping Man

November 6. 2010 02:22

Hi Salim!  Listened to both recordings.  Beautiful! Dont know much about our music, but i do have a deep feel-strong intuition-about it. Your pieces made me travel. A spiritual,non-agressive yet seeking, back to home journey.  Thank you!  Hope the reunion of your lips with flute lasts forever! Odakkuzhal vili ozhuki ozhuki varatte...



November 8. 2010 11:42

Gorgeous.  I agree with above comment - nothing hidden.
Keep playing!


November 8. 2010 23:31

Salim, best way to break ice.It was nice and soothing and I enjoyed the piece. Please keep
them coming.
I am hoping to get inspired and start up with mine too after ages.

Pradeep Ramachandran

November 9. 2010 00:15


very pleasing.. Keep playing, all good wishes ...

george easaw..

george easaw

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