On Faith Panelists Blog: A president of faith is all we need - Shmully Hecht

Sunday, 12 September 2010 00:11 by salim

The author shows a pathetic ignorance of world history by making statements like "Faithlessness and nihilism are the greatest threats to humanity..." Just one example, the first prime minister of India, Nehru was a very vocal atheist. Many of the political leaders of India have been and still are self proclaimed atheists including prime ministers and presidents. But, the largest genocides in India are instigated by religion, especially the militant Hindus and Muslims. It is also interesting to compare India (which is secular) with the faith based Pakistan and how the civil societies have evolved there.

But, this is to be expected. The main modus operandi of religious people is to distort facts and proclaim complete knowledge of everything.

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