Baloney Detection Kit

Friday, 30 October 2009 12:52 by salim

These are the days when dubious science and other “scientific” claims fills our media and information space. For e.g., if we look at the programming in Discovery Channel or History Channel, which by name implies a rational approach to things around us, we will find large number of them actually deals with issues like Big Foot, UFOs and End of World in 2012 etc.

How would a common person who is not well versed in all these branches of science figure out what is good science and what is just baloney? It turns out that one does not need to be an expert in science to figure that out.

There is always a pattern that is followed by the peddlers of pseudoscience that with some effort can be identified. The key thing is to be Skeptical. Not just about things that are out there like Big foot, but also about science itself. Well, that is one of the main characteristics of scientific investigation. Do not believe anything just because it comes from a respected source or a respected person.

So, here is a very nice video that describes a ten step toolkit that we can use to detect Boloney.

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