I am mused…

Sunday, 13 September 2009 11:12 by salim

With the help of a very good friend.

So, I find myself sitting in my work area, thinking about music. I even managed to record about a minute of flute. That is quite an achievement considering what i have been doing for a few months. The good thing is that, I don’t feel horrible listening to what I recorded. That is different.

Sometimes I get so impatient with myself. I take so long to write and record a song. I spend more time dreaming about the song than actually writing it. It is a bit against the agile principles, unless one considers the dreaming itself is the iterative process. It would be nice to keep a paper trail of them.

Anyways, I finished preparing Sonar for the new song, created the tracks, routing, soft-synths etc in me “New DAW :)”. So now all I have to do is write the song one note at a time…

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