New home, not so new beginning…

Saturday, 18 July 2009 23:30 by salim

For quite some time I have been very lazy in writing in my blogs. Oh, I can come up with thousands of excuses for not doing it. But lets say, I was otherwise occupied.

Now that I have this spanking new server from one and one and migrating all my web sites to this one, I thought the blog should be the first one to come here.

My old blog, which was using CS got hacked either due to my sloppy management or due to some bug in CS, I just killed it. Now here we are. Lets see how resilient is. So far, it is very nice. The installation is a bit hands on, but except for a frustrating issue about CAS (which was solved by turning on user profiles in application pool) everything else was pretty neat.

I have to comment on the excellent tool from Aaron Lerch that helped me to import my old blogs from blogspot. Worked like a charm. Too bad he closed the comments.

Well, lets see how this goes…

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