As Days Goes by, I Like Delphi Less

Saturday, 15 March 2008 02:12 by salim

There was one time, when I would have accepted a Delphi project over pretty much any other. However, last several releases of Delphi has made me change my mind.

Every release of Delphi after version 7.0 had been a total disappointment. Whatever is the official spin from Borland/CodeGear is, the botched effort at divesting and the following split up has made the products from them much less reliable.

Right now, I am using Delphi.Net 2007 and trying to use it as a first class citizen of the .Net languages. However, in every possible way, Delphi fails my efforts.

The IDE is still extremely unstable and has several quirks of usages. One of the most annoying is its disregard to relative paths, or library paths in general. It blindly adds whatever paths it can find, mostly the default project paths that points to your local documents folder.

What is more scary however is the behavior of the compiler. It has its own mind. You can compile the same set of projects 10 times without changing a single thing and have two or three of them failing mysteriously.

The latest disappointment was when I tried to create a Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) module in Delphi. I created a simple package in Delphi, with one class. Added Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.dll to reference, added the namespace and hit compile. Oops... There it is. An internal error. And the compile fails. After several tries and an hour or so, I reported yet another bug (my 25th or so in the last one year) to QC and started planning for alternatives.

And for Delphi, I am not sure how much I like it anymore.. Not a lot for sure.

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