Back in My Rocker

Thursday, 13 March 2008 22:27 by salim

I was off my rocker for more about 10 weeks now. Well, it is actually a recliner. Still, one of my asses favorite resting places.

We started a rather long remodeling project earlier last year. Well, the full story of that probably will follow. Early January, most of the ground floor was under construction and I moved all my furniture and other stuff to a mobile mini thingie. When I started the project I mused about how it will be to use agile methodologies to manage it. But, later I found an even better way. Let the contractor manage the project. Well, there had been quite a lot of changes and some overruns.

Today, Bob the Builder cleaned up the ground floor enough to bring in the furniture. Now, I am sitting in my spanking new living room, with shiny bamboo floors. Mmmm, living room is a wonderful concept. Especially, when your life is limited to one room for over 2 months!!!

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