How to (Not) do a Survey

Thursday, 31 January 2008 19:30 by salim

Codegear today announced their developer survey for Delphi product line.  See the announcement here

Being a long term Delphi user, and my strong opinions about the recent releases from Code Gear, I immediately went to the survey and started filling out. I enthusiastically started marking my choices for the questions. The first ones were simple radio buttons in a grid, which worked well.

Then comes 3.4

"Delphi Language Enhancements: For your development needs, please rank the following language features in order of desirability for Delphi/Object Pascal"

This is followed by 9 Combo Boxes, each containing 9 items each. To my horror, I realized that the combo boxes does not filter themselves out the already selected items. It took me quite some time to figure out the unselected items for the last three selections.

This however, did not deter me and I continued on. There comes question 3.6

"VCL Enhancements: According to your development needs, please allocate 100 points across the following potential VCL framework enhancements to indicate the relative amount of support and features you would like to see CodeGear focus on for your particular needs. Assign any amounts to each feature from 0 to 100, so that the total of all the entries is 100"

It took me a few moments to figure out what is required from me. There are 9 enhancements listed below this question with an edit box left of it. I am supposed to somehow split 100 into 9 parts, according to my preference. And, yes, the total should be 100. Is it just me or is this an incredibly inefficient way to get preference?

Ahh.. by the way, none of these answers are checked against clear invalid choices.

Good job Code gear, this survey is matched only be the quality of the products that are coming out of there!!!!

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