David I has piracy issues...

Sunday, 28 October 2007 12:15 by salim

David I of CodeGear has written a blog lamenting about the amount of innovation is lost through software piracy. The thing I noticed was the familiarity of this argument with the one that is put forth by RIA. Then he brings in some statistics to prove that about 35% of software "value" is being lost through piracy...

CodeGear is in a rather dangerous downward spiral in their long term strategies, and capability to deliver. Even after four releases, their new Delphi IDE line is bogged with bugs and serious performance problems. Severe fragmentation of resources into several new projects (PHP, Ruby) have not helped them at all. Instead of trying to find out why CodeGear is becoming more and more of a developer antagonistic company these days.

Instead of drumming that old drum that the RIA has been beating for sometime. Open up, look around, basically grow up!!

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