Finally, I am free...

Friday, 14 September 2007 11:56 by salim

On Tuesday, when I was evaluating CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, I noticed that if I turn off my McAffee Anti-virus, I get the build done in about 20% of the time it otherwise will take. (E.g 3.9s to .7s.). On Wednesday, while I was booting up the computer, I noticed a prolonged delay in finishing the startup. When looked at the profiler, I found that three different McAffee processes monopolizing both cores of my 2.4Fghz machine. And then it came up with an important notification advertising their offer for upgrade. It was the last straw.

I have been noticing that whenever I had a performance degradation (yes, I do notice it when I run two copies of VS 2005, a Virtual PC image of Orcas B2, two copies of Delphi, Outlook, couple of remote desktops over VPN etc., which btw is my usual load.) I found that one or more of the several McAffee processes running vigorously. This is especially noticeable when outlook is downloading mails or when I compile/debug my code.

Though I had turned off whatever protections I can find in my copy of McAffee (which actually is just the scan from Security Center) I did not fully uninstall it. Today however, I found that it is up to its tricks again, this time by running on Access virus scan during a compile. So, here it goes. I promptly uninstalled McAffee.

I am a judicious user and don't install any and all free stuff in my machine. I think I should be fine. We will see. With my backup, restoring it wont take more than an hour or so even if I get a virus.

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