How to extinguish the Sun

Saturday, 18 August 2007 22:05 by salim

I was watching bits and pieces of a SciFi movie about solar flares igniting the methane in the atmosphere. According to the movie, this huge series of solar flares overheat the upper atmosphere. The higher percentage of methane (is this true?) gets ignited by this. This global level ignition of the atmosphere will eventually will consume all oxygen and cause extinction.

So, the hero, overcoming the opposition from the disbelieving officials, finds a solution. Explode some nukes in the Antartic, causing huge amounts of ice to evaporate. This will work as a huge fire extinguisher and we will be saved.

In the last scene, the bombs explode, hero's ex-wife watches from distance, the burning sky starts clearing from the north, and then, snow starts falling. Everybody claps.. world is saved.

Just one doubt though. If 5 nukes caused this snow, wouldn't the snow be radio active? Embracing the lesser evil?

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