Thursday, 9 August 2007 18:10 by salim


Here is a news item that I cannot afford to not comment on.

It is not very often to hear broad reaching statements from IT professionals (except when Steve Jobs exhorts his cult members).

It takes courage to question accepted norm especially when the norm is about security. Steve Riley has shown that courage. Not only that he has the right perspective on IT security but also has the right things to say about war on terror.

The over r0mantic nationalism of the US makes a balanced discussion about the security of the country and war on terror almost impossible. I think this is not just an issue with the US. A lot of countries assume that blowing up nationalism out of proportion is the best way to keep people from real issues.

It is high time we stop making our lives into one paranoia after another.

If you read the article, don't forget to read the comments. There are quite a few of them, most of them showing overwhelming support for Steve's stand.

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