Sextuples... A Miracle?

Wednesday, 13 June 2007 01:23 by salim

It is a well known fact that there has been an increasing trend in multiple child pregnancies including several Sextuples in the last several years. Today there was another one reported in the morning show. I found it rather disturbing to see the dilemma of that couple. Of course, I guess they are not allowed to express any major concerns in morning television.

Every time I hear about these extreme multiple pregnancies, which almost always happens in relation to fertility clinics and artificial insemination, I wonder why it is not considered as a failure of service? I understand the emotional requirement to have one child or two, but it is hard to imagine that an average family will be overjoyed by having six babies at one go.

I know it cost a lot for one impregnation at the clinic, but selecting a potentially dangerous decision of allowing too many embryos implanted is appalling. From both the clinic's side and the couples. The danger is not just for the parties involved, but the babies as well.

Such incidents should not be considered a miracle or abundance, it is yet another failure of the healthcare system. Here is a very interesting article about this issue.

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