30 Billion to fight AIDS... and the catch is?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007 18:43 by salim

President Bush asked Congress to provide $30 Billion additional funding to fight AIDS. This is wonderful news. I have always wondered the reluctance for USA to provide funding for international efforts in health care and poverty alleviation. This is a right small step in the direction. So, I decided to read more about it, to see what the programs that will benefit from it are. Being a skeptic, I was expecting to find something fishy, may be a specification of drugs, or some wording about intellectual property. To my surprise, I did not find any rumor mills working in that direction. Then there it was…

The plan is to provide support for fighting AIDS by providing healthcare and medicines as well as a prevention plan. Guess what… The best way to prevent AIDS is abstinence. This is a principle that has been successfully tested in the US high schools. I am sure this will be the end of AIDS. We all know that it is a disease that God brought upon us for our own immoral actions. I strongly propose a strong advocacy against homosexuality as well. This will be a second dawn for Africa, centuries after the first dawn dawned on them as the missionaries.

An abstinence related story from Texas I think talks about this Prom dance where daughters go as dates of their fathers. They dress up and spend the night dancing and drinking non-alcoholic drinks. This is supposed to promote abstinence in female offspring apparently by somehow satisfying their natural sexual urges. I am not insinuating anything!!!!

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