We are a bunch of idiots!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2007 01:06 by salim

I have been reading the comments on the article Why doesn’t Microsoft has a Cult Religion? I did blog about the article yesterday and did leave a comment in the article too. But I cannot but notice the sheer animosity people (apparently developers) express in these articles and discussion boards about their preferences in computer software companies and technologies.

It is common to have very passionate discussion about technology. But these days, especially when developers and IT discuss technology there is so much venomous exhortations against each other. Most of the time, the mudslinging is between the haters of the symbol of all evil Microsoft and the self appointed MS evangelists. I have seen some Linux fans showing their fangs at Java guys and vice versa. What I don't understand is the logic behind this.

Anybody who has some experience in the IT industry and actively participates in it clearly knows that there is no one solution and no one evil. Open source is not the next French revolution, it is just a business model (a pretty innovative one at that). Microsoft is not the embodiment of all evils; it is an amazing technology company with some very good products under their belt. Mac is great in their innovative design concepts that are so finely tuned to the youth. Java is a great language that practically redefined object-oriented languages.

As a developer, I embrace any technology that is exciting and give me a useful and flexible set of tools to do my work. Currently I am using MS products because that is what is providing me the most enjoyable work experience, be it in programming, or in making music. It doesn’t mean that I consider all other possibilities as lesser ones or unsuitable. I just am used to these and haven’t found any overwhelming reason to switch to anything else.

As I have been saying, this is a great time to be a software developer. We have so many options to choose from. Many of them wonderful to work with. Yes, they all do have their idiosyncrasies. So, I do look forward for the next big thing. And, it always comes… in such close successions.

So please, my fellow developers, please celebrate the diversity. We know that it is inevitable that everything will start to interoperate soon, may be with some seam. If something misses the boat, well, that is how it is. Don’t tell me you are not resourceful enough to move between the choices!!! if you are, then you will miss the boat too.

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