Universe and me

Thursday, 10 May 2007 23:33 by salim

I was always infatuated by exotic physics and astronomy. However, I kind of left this interest hang out in the back of my mind for quite some time. In the last year or so I find myself spending more and more time reading about and thinking (well, a better word will be dreaming) about these subjects. I have to say, Discovery Science channel has something to do with it :-)

Anyways, the recent flurry of exoplanet findings is so amazing. In the last couple of weeks or so, there was the discovery of the earthlike planet (Planet Hunters Edge Closer to Their Holy Grail) that is at habitable zone of its star, series of in-depth findings about mars like exoplanets (Sizzling Planet Makes Some Stars Look Cool, Scientists Map Weather on Distant World, freezing cold).

Combine this with the recent solary system explorations that are providing astonishing information about our neighbourhood...

Every day brings in so much fascination. I can't wait for the day that will finally provide us with the universality of life. Ofcourse, part of the satisfaction comes from shaking the basis of most of the fundamentalist relegions that we are crazy about!!!!

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