Nasty McAfee - Outlook 2007 issue

Monday, 7 May 2007 23:10 by salim

I finally took the move to office 2007 during the weekend and immediately hit by a very irritating issue. When I started Outlook 2007 the second time, it gave me a message box saying "naCmnLib.dll cannot be found, please reinstall office". First of all I have to say that it is a dumb message. It felt even dumber after I searched the name first which revealed that the file in question belongs to McAfee. So, Office guys, you need to change your dll resolution messages. (I know it could be just an exception that climbed up the ladders)

Outlook handles this issue very unlegently. After the above message, it exits and shows an error reporting screen. I almost always forgot about the checkbox that says restart outlook. So, everytime I dispose the error report screen, Outlook will restart, start receiving files, and crash. That is a good sunday morning!!!

Anyways, after searching several groups, all I could assertain was that, this definitely is an issue related to McAfee and there are other people who have seen this issue. No one seemed to have resolved it, or felt it would be useful for other people if they posted the resolution.

Then I found that my version of McAfee is centrally managed and cannot be updated individually. There goes that possibility.

The solution was very simple. I searched for naCmnLib.dll, found it, and added the path to my environment path. To my surprise (not) everything started working fine.

(Hey, I tricked you to read until here to find the solution. Dont think my oratory skills are good enough to capture your attention for much more. So, have a good day)

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