Operating systems and the ignorant fan clubs!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007 18:26 by salim

Recently there have been a lot of press coverage for the QTime/Java flaw found in MacOS. As always, the discussions on the subject very quickly turned into a pissing contest between fans of different OSes.

No system is inherentely secure and no system can be absolutely secure. In any real life scenario, there will be a lot of native and third party applications running in the OS as well. So, ramblings about which OS has more issues and which OS is better are rather moot points. Lets first acknowledge that we have some very advanced, highly productive OS in the market place that support a wide range of hardware. As a person working in the IT industry, I am proud to see the astonishing technological growth these OSes, especially Mac, Windows and Linux showing.

Security is largely becoming a behavioral and ethical issue rather than a technological one. Just like in our social lives, there need to be code of conducts and ethical and moral frameworks in the virtual space as well.

So lets not get into mud slinging whenever a report about such issues comes out. It is a bit dissappointing to see a flaw in one of these fine pieces of software, but we as a community will find technical and social resolutions to these issues.

Mac or windows or linux, java or .net or ruby I am so happy to be in the present. So vibrant, disparate, joy to work in...


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