Demise of the internet...

Monday, 16 April 2007 10:51 by salim

I have been walking around at my work predicting that the Internet as we know it will cease to exist. My argument was that the whole protocol and the related infrastrcutres were created under various assumptions of limiting accessibility and overcoming bandwidth issues. The other part of the infrastructure solves the problem of disconverability in traditional networks.

We have been making advances in all related technologies that makes these infrastructure assumptions meaningless. The same is applicable to http based communication as well. Http has one role, which is hypertext markup. Only some of the problems can be modelled into a hyperlink scenario. However, current trends are to create artificial scenrarios that does not suite well for the protocol.

And today I find this article. Ofcourse I should have posted earlier. But I wholeheartedly agree to their arguments and we as developers should be investigating this instead of trying to squeeze everything into a browser that shows Http.

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