Poor Christian Homeschoolers...

Monday, 2 April 2007 22:44 by salim

I was watching AC360. There is this news item about a Creation museum in Kentucky (or a similar place) that shows the garden of Eden with Dinasaurs. Ofcourse, the theory is that the Eden was made 6000 years ago and ofcourse there was Dinasaurs and all other kinds of animals. Dont say how they all died out though.

The interesting part was some interviews with Christian homeschoolers. The naivity or stupidity, I am not sure which, of these people are unbelievable. How can science be true if it does not follow Bible? Adds the mother turned teacher, when we get to heaven, God will tell us how he did all this and it is going to be very close to this Eden!!!

God bless you and your child ...

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