Talking cookies and other monsters...

Tuesday, 30 January 2007 00:47 by salim

There is a continuing trend to show food items that has quite a lot of intelligence. For example the four chocolate chip cookies that drives a convertible, singing along with the song... And a monster hand comes down and takes them (to eat obviously) off the car while it is driving. What a scary thought is that. I don?t think I can eat a chocolate chip cookie without a bit of shudder after seeing this commercial.

Another even scarier commercial is the one with the Perdue chicken guy and his chickens that are exercising, and participating in intelligent conversation with a chicken on the phone!!! How can one eat a chicken without feeling a pang of guilt for killing this intelligent animal.

And now we have cereals, vegetables, cows advertising their udders, etc etc, all in very homomorphic fashion.

I am assuming that there must be a lot of people who accept these ads for the purpose they are intended for. They must have done some focus group shit before publishing it. That is even more scarier. Are we still keeping hidden cannibalistic tendencies?

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