Ahh... I did enjoy this Indian being roasted...

Wednesday, 17 January 2007 00:04 by salim

Colbert report today featured a writer named Dinesh D'suza, who has written a book "Enemy at home, how cultural left made 9/11" or something like that. No, i did not read the book, and no, I am not going to read that book.

Usually when I see an occassional Indian being roasted in one of those shows, I fee a bit of sympathy. Ofcourse I am not above racist nuances!!!

Anyways, I totally enjoyed Colbert plucking this guy to his skin and even the skin...

The book apparently connects the whole muslim fundamentalism as a result of the American liberalism. So, all we need to do to stop the violence is to connect the traditional america (of the christian fundamentalists) and show them how pathetically radicalized, racially motivated, and relegiously blind we are all.

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