Shrinking information space !!!

Tuesday, 16 January 2007 02:50 by salim

I just noticed that in most of the news and information sites that I usually visit are making the width of the article space in their web pages smaller and smaller. After the top banner, top menus, side menus, right hand side infolets (or whatever they are called), google ads, other ads, login page, etc etc, there is about 20% space that the article uses in a page. Not only that, most of these sites forces us to browse into different pages (the evil <Continue> link, or even worse, the 8 pt pagte numbers and > link!!!) with similar kind of noise.

I want a way to just read what I want to read. Show me the related info when I ask for it. If you are so poor and broke, show me a 30 second commercial video before I start reading the article.

Another annoyance is those floating windows with ads on them, some even with a jingle! True to the "web paradigm" they all have their disposal links in different different places.

I have to start thinking about some kind of desktop aggregator. Web is not all those web pages, but the information contained in it.

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