Sometimes Trials could be real "Trials"

Sunday, 31 December 2006 11:24 by salim

I have been evaluating ReSharper for the last month and quite happy with the things it provided in the IDE, ofcourse the refactoring support, but equally with the minor editor improvements.

One thing I really liked was the automatic completion of block symbols like braces and ".

This warm fuzzy feeling quickly vanished when I try to debug a VS package. When the experimental hive opened up, it started giving me all kinds of horrible errors about not able to initialize Resharper menu items etc etc. So, to continue with my package development, I uninstalled ReSharper. And to add to my woes, I found out that it did not reset the keyboard shortcuts. This was a minor issue, but didnt reset my feelings.

So, I got back to the debugging of my package. To my surprise, the build started failing with a very descriptive error saying " returned exit code -1". More detailed inspection revealed that the culprit is regpkg.exe trying to create the .reg file for deployment.

Like a typical application junkie, I repaired VS 2005, repaired SDK, well, actually upgraded SDK to 12.2006 with no avail. Finally I did what I should have done in the first place. Then I found that my experimental hive is not starting complaining that it has missing components. I reset the experimental hive registry. This started the experimental ide and I found that it stil lkeeps a reference to ReSharper. Guess what, my regpkg.exe stopped failing and the build succeeds.

This should have taken me all but 10 mins after unistalling resharper, but my overthinking (or lack thereof) wasted a whole night for me.

I am still not sure who is the real culprit in this saga. It could be resharper, VS, VS SDK. But I am getting more and more warmed up to the idea of VMWare ESX or something like that.

So, ReSharper is an excellent add-in. I am waiting to see if DevExpress will send me a trial version of their thingie. If not, may be I will bite the bullet and go for their 60 day money back guarantee.

Well, I know how I am going to spend my new year eve and new year day. Trying to finish the Delphi support for Visual Studio. More about this later.

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