Finally, I created a project in CodePlex

Tuesday, 19 September 2006 21:24 by salim
For the last few months, I have been working on an idea to create a set of tools that will help me manage my music related tasks. Well, it all started when one fine morning decided to move all their servers to a new domain, changed the directory structure, database server names and pretty much everything else, and broke my Joomla installation for my band website. I did not want to write one more line of code in PHP, so I started working on a .NET version of the site.

Well, ofcurse, it has to be grandiose, right? Well, that is how I ended up with the idea of a Musicians Workbench. Yeah, I know, it is a bit cheesy. But wait till you hear its full name

Sangeet Sangam - A Musicians Workbench

While roaming through the CodePlex, GotDotnet jungle, I found one related project, looked at it and suddenly I realized that I have a project that is much more progressed than what they have. So, I created a project at CodePlex.

Here it is

Lets see how it goes. Well, atleast I dont have to run my on TSFS :-)
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