Wednesday, 6 June 2012 06:59 by salim

Immigration officer (IO): Why are you being paroled?

Me: Adjustment of status, I work for xyz.

IO: How long you been working for xyz?

Me: 13 years

IO: Wow! That is ridiculous. If I were you, I will move back to India.

Me: That is exactly what I am doing. See?


IO: Good for you!

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This is where it all will happen!

Sunday, 8 January 2012 22:59 by salim

I am still waiting for the pictures of the inside of my office/studio space after the concreting. But, since Shobha is travelling, the pictures are not gotten here yet. I do have a couple of pictures from earlier.

So, the space is 5.1m X 16.6 X 3.5 m in size. One thing I have noticed after living in the US for this long is that I have successfully changed my unit of length. I think there is something about homes and rooms though that it makes it easier to understand in feet than in meters. That is a big room. I wanted a big room and the geography of the land made it possible without too much additional cost. I want to split it into a decent size room that will double as my office and control room, a nice big live space and one or two isolation booths. This is an expensive venture and I might have to break it down to smaller pieces to make it happen. We will see.

Basement room before the celing slab.

In the John Sayers recording design forum, the preferred tool for showing sketches is Google Sketchup. I don’t have a lot of experience with 3D tools. So, the learning curve to get something meaningful done in Sketchup was a bit steep. I still don’t believe I will be able to create models anywhere near the perfection of the ones presented in that forums. But I am practicing.

Sketchup 3D model of the studio room

Now, this is a very early creation. I am still trying to figure out all the things I can do with Sketchup. My current aim is to create model decent enough to accompany a post in the recording forum. May be I will post it along with the first pictures of the interior.

I also need to get some measurements of sound levels in and around the house. I am not sure how loud those temple speakers are, they are quite loud. Right now there might not be a lot of difference between the sound pressure outside and inside the room. The two openings are quite big. They are also in a bit odd positions.

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My Dinner

Sunday, 31 October 2010 01:34 by salim

We both like cooking and eating good food. We both agree that we can cook better food than most restaurants. And our cuisine is pretty eclectic. However, some days we fall back to the nice Kerala style dinners. Today was such a day. When everything was on the plate, I couldn’t help but take a picture. So, here it is

My Dinner

Clockwise from left:

Green cabbage stirfry, green eggplant stirfry, snow peas stirfry, sardines shallow fried in their own oil, chick peas stir fry, tender mango pickle. In the middle of course is Kerala brown rice with sambar and curd (Yogurt).

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My Persona

Wednesday, 10 February 2010 12:45 by salim

What you are seeing below is my persona as discovered by Persona. I entered my full name (which fortunately is reasonably unique) and this is what it told me how I am seen by the web.

Looks like I am a well rounded person. Don’t you think?


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The snow fall…

Monday, 25 January 2010 21:14 by salim

Philadelphia does not have a lot of big snow falls. So, this was a rare one. The big December snow storm. I was lazy to put up the pictures. I think Shobha (http://www.ankanam.com) beat me to it. Oh well!


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The Rainy Rainy Fall

Thursday, 29 October 2009 00:58 by salim

This probably is the rainiest fall that I have seen after coming to the US. But, coming from one of the rainiest place in earth, I have always had very different feeling towards rain than most of my colleagues and friends here.

Kerala gets an average of 3000 MM of rain an year mostly from two monsoons. One of the main things that fascinated me when I first came here was the very distinct seasons. Back in Kerala we have only two seasons. The rainy season (monsoon from June to November) when it rains all the time and the dry season when it rains only every other day.

The South-west monsoon comes to Kerala almost always the day when schools open after midsummer vacation (one of those British legacies which we still continue for reasons beyond my comprehension, but that is in another post). The correlation is actually uncanny. If the government decides postpone the school opening for any reason, the monsoon will also get postponed! Anyways, when it starts, it rains for several days without a gap. One of the main things between the monsoon and the rain is the noise level. Well, I wouldn’t quite classify it as noise. It is very loud, but it is also quite rhythmic and sometimes even melodic.

When I listen to rain, even here, I try to identify the different sounds it makes when it falls on different surfaces. Each kind of leaf has a very distinct sound when the rain drips falls on it. The long tender closely weaved coconut leaves makes an almost hissing sound. The huge oily Taro leaves makes a very bass ringy tone. The leaves of jackfruit tree makes a sound almost like a kettle drum (well more like a Chenda). it is like a huge percussion orchestra. May be that is how we got our affinity towards percussion.

The rain while continue unabated for several days, it changes it intensity from time to time. Almost like waves. The sound rise and fall periodically. Sometimes, the rain becomes almost a shower and the rhythm becomes very truncated. Soon, there will be a rumble, almost like a train coming from a distance… the next wave of rain. One can feel it comes closer and closer, soon the sound engulfs everything else. Yet another wave….

Sometimes I do miss the monsoon rain. So, these periods of fall rain, while much less in strength makes me feel home.

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New home, not so new beginning…

Saturday, 18 July 2009 23:30 by salim

For quite some time I have been very lazy in writing in my blogs. Oh, I can come up with thousands of excuses for not doing it. But lets say, I was otherwise occupied.

Now that I have this spanking new server from one and one and migrating all my web sites to this one, I thought the blog should be the first one to come here.

My old blog, which was using CS got hacked either due to my sloppy management or due to some bug in CS, I just killed it. Now here we are. Lets see how resilient Blogengine.net is. So far, it is very nice. The installation is a bit hands on, but except for a frustrating issue about CAS (which was solved by turning on user profiles in application pool) everything else was pretty neat.

I have to comment on the excellent tool from Aaron Lerch that helped me to import my old blogs from blogspot. Worked like a charm. Too bad he closed the comments.

Well, lets see how this goes…

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