Dell Inspiron 1720 Upgrade to Windows 7

Thursday, 12 November 2009 12:36 by salim

No excitement.

This model is not tested by Dell and no specific drivers are available. So, I was a bit anxious about how well the upgrade will go. There were some troubling posts from the Beta/RC period of Windows 7. I decided to try anyways.

So, I popped in the DVD, started the setup. It told me I had three applications that are not compatible (Cisco and Checkpoint VPN clients and RAD Studio 2007). I was not too worried about them and continued with the upgrade.

The installer told me I had over 770,000 files to move, so I was not expecting a fast upgrade. It was not very quick. The whole installation took a little over 2 hours, most of it spent in moving the files. Immediately after the installation, my audio (Sigmatel HD) was not working. All I had to do was to go to the device drivers pane and update the driver. After a restart the audio is also fine.

So, it was a very unexciting upgrade process. Windows 7 however is quite nice. I did not have a lot of complaints about Vista. I don’t have any yet with W7, except that the UAC is turned low. Since I do not use any anti-virus software, I wanted it to the most restrictive settings.

So, now I am running Windows 7 on my Inspiron 1720 laptop without any issues.

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