This is how an elected representative respond to a Highschool Kid

Sunday, 15 January 2012 22:59 by salim

A few days ago Jessica Ahlquist, a high school student from Rhode Island won a case against her public school which was showing a Christian prayer in a banner in the school. Pointing out that this is a violation of church-state separation, she requested it to be taken down. The judge agreed with her after looking at the case. If this was a normal country, people would come and appreciate the highly developed civic sense of this young woman. But, instead, the kind hearted christians all around is attacking her calling her names and threatening her with bodily harm. Now there is an elected representative from RI just joined the hooligans.

Here are a couple of links to the story

Peter G. Palumbo, the representative who called Jessica an evil little thing. He needs to hear from people like us what we think of his statement. Here is my email to him. His email address is

Fill his inbox!

Respected Sir,

This is in regards to the comments you made at the John DePetro Show. (See here)

You are talking about a case that was settled by a judge by clearly stating the issue involved violation of constitution. You as a representative, I would think, should be responsible for keeping the sanctity of the constitution. But, sir, instead of that, you decided to call names a high school student who was brave enough to question the blatant violation of constitutional principles.

If you think she is an Evil Little Thing, then we are all Evil Little Things. Every time we see a violation of constitution or other malarkey we will voice our protest. You can call every citizen of this country who raises their voice for their rights as Evil Little Things or Coerced by evil people. But you are just being a reprehensible moron by doing that.

Sir, you are not worthy of the position you are holding. You are just a closed minded little person who doesn’t know what makes this country great

Please resign your post and save the dignity of the institution

Sincerely yours