The amazing world of couches…

Friday, 18 September 2009 15:45 by salim

Yesterday, while just browsing through I encountered this piece in BoingBoing. It points to an old Harper magazine article from 1955 about the amazing story of Kirk Alan, the interplanetary traveler.

In a very very short nutshell (as the story is abstracted in the above post and you can read the articles straight from Harper), Kirk Alan was a physicist, who had an alternate life as the ruler of a large interplanetary empire far removed from here in time and space.

Here are the links to the articles. It is a very interesting read.

Part I

Part II

What made the article so interesting was, not just the fantasy, which in itself was quite elaborate and amusing, but the introspective nature of it. Like a Russian doll, Robert Mitchell Lindner, the analyst looks into his own experience and close encounter with unhinged fantasy that arose from his encounter with Kirk Alan.

While reading the story, I immediately remembered the movie K-PAX. I was almost certain there will be an acknowledgement of Lindner’s case there. But to my surprise, I found out that it was based on a completely different novel, which had an even closer relation to Lindner’s case, but no acknowledgement whatsoever. I have not read the original books. May be there will be something in the original book as well.

I really have no problem people picking up others ideas and experiences and elaborating on it. I did like the movie K-PAX. However, I think it is ethical to acknowledge it. This is why I like Creative Commons License. It gives very simple, liberal licensing terms to a product while protecting the original creator. All my music is CC 3, which means that, anybody can download it, tweak it, split it and rearrange it as long as the original source is attributed to me and the final product is not commercial. I could have gone with 2.5 but, I think it is fair to expect shares of commercial gains that are made at least partly from my creation.

Go read the article.