Ofcourse I love NHibernate... but

Tuesday, 26 September 2006 23:42 by salim

Of the numerous Object Relational Mapping frameworks out there, I always prefered NHibernate. This was mainly from considerations to its bigger brother Hibernate and the hope that the popularity of Hibernate will eventually contribute to NHibernate as well. Well, this has been going on until recently. It is almost like the NHibernate project currently is in a confusious state and getting ready to do a major jump... from 1.2 to 3.1/3.2. That would be fun.

Well, the reason for my but however is my recent discovery that NHibernate does not work under partial trust environments. And to my surprise, my new host has specifically has a partial trust environment. I do not want to go for virtual private server just for getting full trust environment.

Well, finding this out about 8 hours before I was supposed to make the site online I was sitting looking at my code thinking of various ways of resolving the situation.

Well, I read all the posting about this subject, tried a few of the workarounds unsuccessfully etc. To make things worse, I was also using Castle.ActiveRecord which meant that I will have to change and recompile and find out how to remove all references to full trust code etc. etc.

So, I decided to ditch NHibernate and ActiveRecord. Ofcourse I found several issues with my data access layer separation. Lesson here, even if it is a small project, make sure to follow every pattern...

The site is back up, I temporarily replaced all data access to plain old Datasets and Tableadpaters. Not having lots of fun though.

Time to search for a good ORM... again.

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