Ohh The Cliché

Sunday, 1 January 2012 03:06 by salim

It is such a cliché to start/restart something like a blog on the new year’s day. And that is what I am trying to do. Yes, I know, a few days down the line, may be a couple of weeks, I will look back here and wonder why I couldn’t keep up with my decision of writing a blog every day….

Yes, that is what I am going to do. The problem with a decision like that is to find a subject every day to write about. In my life, right now, there is something happening that actually has something to report on a daily basis. We are building our home in Kerala. The construction started a couple of months ago, and it is going at a healthy pace. So, at least for the next several weeks, there will be something to write about. May be that much time would be enough to make it into a habit.

The home is also going to be our work place. Shobha has her gallery and studio in the upper floor of the house. I have my office/studio in the basement. The house will be mostly built from mud, recycled wood and bamboo, except for the basement floor which is granite with filler slab ceiling.

View of the foundation - facing north-east

It is a bit unusual to have a basement floor in Kerala. The main reason for choosing to have a basement floor is the nuisance from the nearby temple. Every day there is few hours of blaring noise that is barely music from their megaphones. And for every kind of auspicious day, which we have no dearth of, it becomes a 12 hour affair. The noise is so high that you cannot even think. Since I am strongly pushing for having a decent semi-pro audio studio, noise insulation was a big problem. By putting all the mass of the surrounding earth from the three parts and the granite wall on the east it should stop most noises.

Originally the walls were to be made from adobe bricks. But, practical concerns like space to dry the bricks and speed of making them has forced us to look at other options. Laterite is something we are pursuing, but there also availability is a problem. I personally want to avoid bricks because there is a little too much energy expenditure in making them that is not really needed for the structural requirements of the building.

Mid floor ceiling is the other concern. Bamboo is an option, recycled wood ceilings (മച്ച്), recycled wooden beams and bamboo ply, etc. We will soon come to a decision, most likely end up using more than one.

It looks like we do have some agile methodologies being applied in this project. Now, what I am not sure is how these agile methodologies will affect the final result as well as the other parameters of the project like time and cost. We will see I guess.

Yea, I know, it is January 1 and supposed to wish everyone. But it is just an arbitrary date on an arbitrarily chosen calendar. There will be more days. Hopefully, each of them will also have a post from me.

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