I missed playing with manure…

Sunday, 9 August 2009 10:57 by salim

Yes, yes, I know. A lot of people consider manure as yucky and playing with it is gross. But growing up in Kerala, cow manure was a constant presence in many shapes and forms around me.

We had cows, so obviously that account for a lot of dung. My father used to do most of the things, but quite often we, the kids get to clean the pasture or take the cowdung and put it in its tank. A tank filled with juicy grubs… I should tell it to survivor man. There was an episode where he practically lived off of grubs from some trees.

So, when my vegetable garden started growing quite fast, thanks to all the rain, I was in a way excited to put my hands on some manure.

So, yesterday, we bought two bags of manure. I made these small dams (we call it Thatam. I really don’t know the actual English word for it.) around the plants. Earlier, without the dams we were missing quite a lot of water. Shobha made it for some of the plants, but they were too shallow to accommodate the manure. It was bit of a back breaker as I could use only a small hand shovel, so as not to damage the plants.

I was a bit disappointed to see that the manure I bought was not just cow dung, but contains many other things like chicken poop (not something I am unfamiliar with), peat moss etc. So, my calculation could be wrong. I may have to go back and get more of these or see if any of the nearby farms sell their dried manure.

Yesterday night’s rain had perfect timing. I hope it did not cause too much of the manure to leach away. Can’t wait to see the first long beans.