Invasion of Crows

Tuesday, 21 July 2009 23:55 by salim

It was a quite cloudy day. Low clouds always give me headache. Sinus problems. Yes, yes, I know, I should stop smoking.

So, in the morning, I was lying in my favorite couch sipping my tea. Suddenly I hear crows.

Crows are a constant presence back home in Kerala. Some of my best memories involve distant crowing in the afternoon. Have you ever listened to the lonely crow? Especially in a hot afternoon. It is kind of magical. But, it is downright creepy when you hear a crow at night.

Anyways, I walked outside and saw a whole bunch of crows at the top branches of the oak. I think I have seen one or two crows around, but never in this many numbers. They must have found something.

In Kerala, one kind of crows are believed to bear the souls departed ones. In the anniversary of death, we call the crows to come and eat cooked sun-dried rice. Take a dip in the pond over there, climb up without drying, clap your wet hands, and there the crows (Bali Kakka – Sacrificial Crow, no we don’t kill them. Rice is the offering to the crows).

It was weird to hear that many crows in Philadelphia. They are much bigger than back home as well. May be they are planning a Hitchcockian invasion!