Didn’t I say, resolutions never work

Wednesday, 4 January 2012 01:28 by salim

That is exactly what happened. Good thing though is that, it was broken only for a few days.

The problem is this. I decided to write one posting about my house construction every day reporting on its progress and any other subject that comes along with it. Unfortunately the house construction is now at one of its pause points. The basement floor slab concreting is now complete. This is how it looks now.

Basement Floor After Concreting

It will take a few days to cure and during that time another group is making adobe, the clay bricks we are using for most of the walls.

Adobe drying in the sun

One of the biggest problems we are facing is the speed of making these bricks. We need around 5000 for the ground floor, but the current speed is only around 150 per day. The space constraints make it hard to increase the output any further. Constant rain is another issue. Shobha tried real hard to get laterite blocks but it turns out to be very difficult to get good quality laterite.

Now, during this hiatus, may be I will start thinking about how I want to setup my studio. I have already created an account at the Larry Sayers (sp) website. I am preparing a detailed post for the forum. In the meanwhile I can use this space as a repository of links and information I collect during my research. Wonderful.

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