It is getting closer

Monday, 6 February 2012 23:24 by salim

I don’t think anyone really believed me when I took the firm decision to write a post every day. Well, this year has been better than last one, so far.

Now, back to construction. After the post concreting pause work started a couple of weeks ago. I am still waiting for a good picture of the completed studio room, but it is apparently quite dark and hard to get to at this stage.

Arial view looking towards South-East

As expected the masonry work is progressing at a good pace. The huge mud blocks help, so does the profusion of windows. Sajan and Shobha ended up buying too many windows from someone and now trying to put it wherever possible. Thus the single bay window in the dining area became a huge bay window and a semi-circular window. I think it will look nice. But that is a lot of windows!

Crazy about windows 

I finally got dimensions of the actual built area in the basement room.


The height is still a bit iffy. The final height is supposed to be at least 11’, but depending on the final decision on flooring it could change. The current dimensions are a bit larger than the original plan I had. One good thing is that the sizes of the doors are much smaller than I thought. I am still at a loss as to how to lay out the room. Once I get some sound level measurements from ground I will start posting in groups asking for help.

I am slowly getting excited. Woohoo!!

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