Thin line between history and ethics

Wednesday, 7 February 2007 22:48 by salim

It is always hard when narrating highly polarized times in human history. One such period is Hitler's. Since it is such an easily servable symbol of the ultimate evilness, it comes in as the principal supplier of antagonism in a lot of historic narrations. Once such is what I am watching right now. A SciFi show about Atlantis.

Most of the show's 2 hours are invested in various theories about Atlantis and theories about its location. A lot of those theories gravitate towards the alien angle. Atlantis is the primary landing site of an alien race (about 1-2 M years ago). Another argue that Atlantis was the waystation. Most of them agree that this alien race eventually succeeded in creating a viable cross-species between the primitive humans and themselves. One "theorist" suggests that the Atlantian, true to Plato's description became very arrogant and eventually killed themselves in a global thermo-neuclear war which obliterated all what was there.

This catastrophic elimination of evidence is a well used artifact by a lot of historians. One such narration that comes to mind is the one about a second Chera dynasty in Kerala that was so advanced compared to any period kingdoms, which was eventually ground to sand by enemies.

Back to the original subject, a small segment of the show was dedicated to the Nazi effort in finding the Atlantis and to come up with a theory of Atlantis that will strengthen their on racial supremacist theories. So, this theory is that Atlantis was a tribe of the original supreme human. When Atlantis was eventually wiped off the earth. Some of them migrated to other higher locations of earth like Tibet. The show goes on to describe how German archeologists and physical anthropologists running around the world to find evidence to this. The narrator was so eager to repeatedly remind us about the sinister nazi conspiracy through words and pictures all through the segment. The sad fact is that that theory could hold equal or more amount of water than the ones about the grand alien conspiracy.

Ohh yes, I have to quote this. The Atlantians who survived, some of them has a high level of alien characteristics. They are the instigators of all the violence, ecological decay etc. Ofcourse the grand illuminatti is part of this. So, we have this grand conspriacy where all geologists, anthropologists, etc. etc are involved in which hides the evidence of Atlantis from the rest of us.

I like theories that are so plastic that you can spread it over the whole universe and still have some stretch left.

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