To smart client or not!!!

Wednesday, 4 October 2006 22:39 by salim
Well, ofcourse the easy answer is to smart client. But the problem with buzz words is that they just give a quasaric view (ohhh my, is that a word? I like it) of the underlying idea.

I am going around, into, and across the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) from MS. It is a very interesting starting point for a well layered composite application. However, my interest is how to wrap this thing around a legacy win32 application. Once this step is done, I can bleed various parts of the application into smartparts that work in parallel.

Biggest problem about evolving an application across platforms is keeping the interest and releasability of the transition stages. Demand for frequent releases doesnt make things any easier.

As the conversion work at the back end continues, unless there are visible front end results, the interest in the project among developers and especially product owners diminishes.

If we could successfully wrap our win32 application within a Smart Client workspace. This will give a common command access point for the win32 as well as new task oriented work items are introduced to the CA.

An interesting fact though is, I am still to find a reference implementation for a SCSF that wraps a win32 application. I found the sample at Patterns and Practices website for wrapping a legacy web application. Looks like I will have to write a reference implementation for my purpose first.

Well, I think it is going to be some very exciting months. Guess what, I have atleast three musicians coming for audition in the next two weeks. How cool is that :-)
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